Advocacy Research Paper

Get advocacy research paper help from Studyacer. An advocacy research paper is an essay designed to get support from the readers regarding a precise cause or belief. Advocacy essays can be used as a call for action or intended to raise certain awareness on a social matter or issue. Usually, they are used by charity entities to explain why their activities are essential and define various causes. Therefore, writing an advocacy essay or an advocacy research paper requires comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the subject.

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Tips For Writing the Best Advocacy Research Paper

ü  Research

Ensure that you have enough time to research your topic to make sure that you are well-versed in its history, all the key entities involved on all perspectives of the matter, and the present state of the matter. The more information and knowledge you have regarding the subject, the better prepared you will be when writing.

ü  Clearly Advocate in The Introductory Paragraph

Clearly state the issue you are advocating in the introduction. Provide the general information and background of the issue and provide the readers with reasons why they should consider and care about it. The introduction should provide a general outline of the essay while the rest of the paper provides details.

ü  Provide Depth

Provide added depth, background story, and all relevant details and information about your cause in the body of the essay. As you provide detailed information on a precise point, always bring it back to the objective and goals of involving the readers. Make sure that all the points are linked to the main point. State the facts and use relevant examples as much as possible.

ü  Provide Citations and Resources Used

Make sure that you include all the citations for the facts that you have mentioned in your essay. Your piece is more legitimate when you provide and quote facts and statistics from respected and known entities in your field and area of focus than if you just provide your opinion based on your feelings and understanding.

ü  Provide A Conclusion

Always make sure that you conclude your advocacy research paper with an emotional appeal to the readers, this is to emphasize on the difference one person can make in the cause, either through devotion or financially. Your conclusion should provide a quick review of the fundamental issues you have discussed and leave the readers with a final statement that would stick in their heads about how they can join and support the cause.

ü  Reference Page

Include a page of reference indicating where you obtained all the information you have used to support the cause. Follow the style of writing to ensure that you have cited the work properly. By so doing, you help your readers with resources where they can get more information on the same.

ü  Provide Contact Information

Attach contact information that provides readers with someone to talk to or call if they want to donate or join the cause as discussed in the essay or present more resources to help towards the cause.

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