How To Write an Article Analysis Paper

Article analysis and review provide students or scholars with room to comprehensively evaluate and analyze the work of other experts in a given field. Besides the system of education, experts usually review the work done by their peers for originality, clarity, and contribution to the available study. Thus, as a student or scholar, it is vital to understand how to write an article analysis paper.

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What Is an Article Analysis?

Article analysis is the constructive, critical evaluation of literature in a specific field through classification, summary, comparison, and analysis. Article review or article analysis is a type of professional essay writing that demands a high level of comprehensive analysis, evaluation, and presentation of arguments in a well-structured manner.

What Does Writing an Article Analysis Entail?

One needs to be keen and open-minded to write a comprehensive and reliable article analysis. The following are some of the aspects that article analysis writing involves:

  • Analysis, comparison, summarization, critiques, and classification of information.
  • Checking available samples to have a better comprehension of how to review the article.
  • The comparison, evaluation, and analysis need one to use theories, research, and ideas relevant to the topic of the article.
  • Always remember that reviewing or analyzing an article does not require you to introduce new information, however, you should focus on responding to the work of another writer.

Step By Step Guide on How to Write an Article Analysis Paper

It is the joy of every scholar or student to know how to write an article analysis paper like a pro.

  1. Step 1 – get to know the contents of the article
  2. Step 2 – Carefully analyze any information you are unfamiliar with
  3. Step 3 – summarize key points in your words
  4. Step 4 – formulate a personalized opinion based on the subject matter
  5. Step 5 – implement the knowledge that you have newly acquired

ü  Step 1 – Get to Know the Contents of the Article

The first step as soon as you identify the article you will analyze is to read it all the way through. Do not ignore even the tiny details. Start with the title and determine if it has been written well. Lastly, proceed to read the whole article. Be intentional about the article since you are setting the foundation from which you will conduct your analysis. Take note of where the author is deriving their perspective and take time to internalize all that you are reading. Do not just read for the sake of reading.

ü  Step 2 – Carefully Analyze Any Information You Are Unfamiliar With

Sometimes, when the author has done a great job compiling data, there is the possibility of finding new information in the article. Some reasons why this is possible are when there is advanced research and discoveries made, a totally new perspective adopted by the writer, or an original method. This could be something you had no clue about or it is unclear from your perspective. When such happen, take time to research more, seek clarity from other related articles, or ask your professor for guidance on the same. always be open to the idea of digging deeper as it’s an easier way to comprehensively analyze and evaluate the article.

ü  Step 3 – Summarize Key Points in Your Words

After comprehensively reading the article and analyzing any unfamiliar information, you should summarize the key points you noted during the reading process. Having an extensive summary is important since it serves as a guide to help you handle all the sold information you have gathered. For you to analyze an article well, you have to understand all the points and know what the writer was talking about. Use a piece of paper to note the points and write a summary as soon as possible when you still have the details fresh. Complete comprehension is the key to having a reliable summary before writing your final draft, making conclusions, and writing your opinion on the same.

ü  Step 4 – Formulate Personalized Opinion Based on The Subject Matter

The whole point of doing an article analysis is to air your opinion of the subject of the matter. Therefore, you should embrace critical thinking. The following are some aspects you must ensure your analysis covers:

  • What are some of the thoughts you have regarding the article you just read and summarized?
  • Was the article written well?
  • Was the information presented in a compelling and clear way?
  • Do you support the author? Do you agree with their conclusion?
  • If yes, why? And if not, why?

The whole point of article review writing is to figure out whether you totally accept the position of the author on a subject, totally oppose their perspective, or you are finding yourself having mixed reactions. Once you have tacked all the above matters, ensure that you formulate a personalized opinion of the same.

ü  Step 5 – Implement the Knowledge That You Have Newly Acquired

After you have gathered all the new information, filter all of them from an individual perspective and come up with a significant opinion of the same. Afterward, you can proceed to implement the new knowledge or process them as you determine how best they complement the available literature on the same.

This is a critical step since you are to determine how best to use the newly acquired information since you are confident that you have comprehensively vetted the literary sources on the same. additionally, if you have a different perspective from that of the author, you can present all your ideas and take on a totally new approach on the same. For more information on how to write an article analysis paper and related articles, visit

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