Perspective Essay

Writing a perspective essay is common in colleges and universities. A perspective essay allows one to express their opinions or feelings. The essay is mainly on a particular concept or subject of the essence. If you do not understand how one ought to write a perspective essay, the assignment will be challenging. Therefore, Studyacer provide you with this guide on how to write a perspective essay. Furthermore, we provide you with tips and ideas on perspective essays. It is important to put in mind that there is no distinct format or perspective essay outline.

Perspective Essay Ideas

Perspective EssayThere are different ideas and concepts regarding perspective essays. An essay on the perspective of life and a positive perspective essay is likely to take different approaches.

A perspective paper is an assignment like any other assignment. However, it is different from other types of essays in different ways. First, a perspective essay entails a personal opinion or point of view. The essay is not interested in telling the audience or readers what the authors think about an issue or event. In the other types of essays, one uses the perspectives of others to support their arguments or claims. This is a key distinction.

Another vital distinction of the perspective essay from other essay is that a perspective essay does not require evidence to support your claims and arguments. You need not include citations to all the claims you present. For instance, you do not need to keep saying (Andrew & Steve, 20XX). However, that does not mean you can never quote someone with whom you share an opinion and resonate.

Another difference is that you do not need to be right and neither do you need others to agree with your points of view.

A Perspective Essay Provides your Personal Opinion, Perspective

A perspective essay is entirely your opinion. Thus, the audience and readers do not expect you to explain why you feel the way you feel or why you said what you said. Above all, there is no requirement to provide evidence why and who holds particular thoughts. The bottom line is, the essay is what it is. The readers have to accept what you say. In addition, perspective essays allow you to reveal some bits about yourself. As a result, the essay gives the author the space to shine their personality, revealing the essence of the writer.

Perspective Essay Outline

There is no rigid structure for a perspective essay paper. That is, there is no precise outline to follow and guide you. However, it is fundamental to note that a perspective paper takes the form of an essay, thus, it is an essay. The typical structure of an essay has three key parts. An essay has an introduction, a body, and a comprehensive conclusion. Therefore, your perspective essay must have all three features. Above all, make sure that you present your opinion. Never forget that the essay must be logical and coherent.

·         The Introduction

It is in the introduction where you get the attention of the readers and present your thesis statement. For a perspective essay, selecting subjects on human drama or an actual encounter works best and gets the attention of the audience immediately. Additionally, people prefer and appreciate knowing that you relate to what you are writing about. Also, they love when they know it happened.

·         The Body

Use the body to support your thesis statement. At this point, you should expound on the thesis statement using examples, illustrations, and facts. Every paragraph in the body must have an independent idea. The idea must be introduced in the topic sentence.

·         The Conclusion

The conclusion is the last section of the essay. Use the conclusion to give the readers purpose for the essay. What triggered you to write the essay. Moreover, make sure that the conclusion provokes the mind of the readers. You can always use two to three paragraphs. However, you can use one paragraph too. All in all, you can select what works for you.

Importance of Perspective Essay

Perspective essays are important since the writer is their editor. This kind of essay provides everyone with a chance to present their opinions on events and topics. In addition, perspective essays allow you to:

·         Write on Something that Has Been on Your Mind for a Long Time

When you write about something that has been on your head for a while, you own the entire process. Sometimes it can be a situation where you feel there is discrimination or inequality on how resources or opportunities are provided. This can be in school or your neighbourhood. Make sure that you can connect with the subject. By so doing, you can freely express your opinions and perspectives. Thus everyone who read your perspective essay will tend to understand you or evoke some feelings.

·         Create your Turf

Do not rely on the thoughts, views, and opinions of others. Make sure that you have a stand. Also do not hesitate to let the readers know where you are coming from and where you stand. This is an opportunity to let others know what you stand for and believe in. In addition, be careful not to be swayed by what others have said about the subject.

·         Help your Readers Get your Perspective

Writing a positive perspective essay is not about impressing people or blowing your trumpet. The key objective of the essay is to communicate. As a result, be careful to select the appropriate audience to audience. Also, avoid using the technical word when communicating to the general public. Make sure that you are as entertaining and engaging as possible. Above all, try to invite the reader to connect with and join you.

·         Identify a Suitable Style for your Topic and in Your Voice

Always use the first person narrative when writing your perspective essay. Remember that this is not an expository essay. Thus, the essay is on your perspective on a particular subject and that is what the readers expect.

·         Embrace Using Details, Illustrations, and Examples to Connect with the Readers

Try to create an image in the mind of the readers. Make them feel that you have encountered what you are talking about. By so doing, you get to share in their emotions. Thus, they walk with you the entire essay. As a matter of fact, avoid using clichés and obvious descriptions. Most important, make your essay as interesting as possible. Also put the readers in a place where they agree with you. However, remember that this is not an argumentative essay. It is all about your points of view.

Perspective Essay Topics

A perspective essay topic is one that shows your interest and provides room for airing your points of view. Generally, the more connected you are to the topic the more it will pop. It will also make it easier to write the essay. A good perspective essay topic will let people know where you stand and how you feel.

Some personal perspective essay examples include:

  1. Should abortion be legalized?
  2. Is punishment by death just?
  3. What is your view on human trafficking?
  4. Capitalism
  5. A female president?
  6. Socialism
  7. LGBT and equality
  8. Legalization of marijuana
  9. Slavery in the modern world
  10. Kids and technology
  11. Freedom and the constitution
  12. Violent video games
  13.  Music
  14.  Electric cars
  15.  Minimum wage bills

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