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If you are wondering what a book review is and how to go about it, you’re not alone. Most students don’t know where to start when the literature professor gives a book review essay assignment. We wrote this blog to give you an overview of what a book review essay entails and hopefully help you ace your literature assignment. So, what is a book review essay?

What is a Book Review Essay?

It’s human nature to trust word of mouth from another person, whether you are looking for a product, service, TV show, movie, or book. Their reaction, experience, and criticism can help you decide when at a crossroads.

Suppose your favorite celebrity recently released a book, memoir, or autobiography. Before you commit your time and resources to the written text, you’ll probably look through blogs, news outlets, and media houses to see if the content is worthy. You’re looking for a summary, plot, characters, and the previous readers’ thoughts.

These thoughts, summaries, and reactions are collectively known as a review. In academics, a book review is an essay that provides a short description of a book and your opinion about it. Unlike most academic papers that are based on facts, book review essays focus on emotions and reactions.

What Are the Four Parts of a Book Review?

Like most academic papers, a book review essay follows a particular format. Below are the four core parts of a book review:


Several aspects go into the introduction, including the book’s title, author, genre, summary, and your thesis statement. This part answers several questions. These include:

  • What is the book about?
  • Who wrote the book?
  • Which events take place in the book?
  • What characters are in the book?


The body carries the analytical part of your book review essay. Discuss the book’s themes, characters, literary styles,  and message. You should also talk about the book’s strengths and weaknesses. However, the criticism should be graceful and respectful, despite your thoughts on the book’s content or its delivery.

Depending on the length of your essay, you can also compare the book with other literary works by the same author. Use first-person language to review the text. Below are examples of phrases to use when writing a book review essay:

  • I found the book intriguing for…
  • The most interesting part of the book is…
  • This style is similar to the author’s work in their previous book…
  • The author could have done this or that…

A good review should contain several critiquing points, each discussed in its own paragraph. For instance, have a paragraph on thematic styles and a different one on the book characters. Also, support your claims with clear examples from the book. This part tests whether you read the book or just skimmed through. Avoid repetition; don’t give a summarized version of the book’s synopsis. Instead, provide a fresh perspective while keeping the review concise.


The conclusion gives a summary of the points raised in the body text. Sum up your thoughts into a paragraph or two. You can also give the book a rating and say why you rated it that way. This is also the part where you say whether you recommend the book to other readers or not and your reasons. If you recommend the book, clearly state who might enjoy the book. For example, you can say, “This book is a must-read if you enjoy an absorbing and emotion-packed love story.”

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