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Scholarly Source

A scholarly source also referred to as a peer-reviewed or academic source, is written by experts in a certain field and serves to give others more insight into the field. Such scholarly sources provide researchers with essential information for research papers. Examples of scholarly sources include;

  • books
  • websites

Non-Scholarly Source

Non-scholarly sources typically consist of but are not limited to:

  • materials that are time-based and get updated frequently.
  • Sources that are advocacy or opinion-based.
  • News sources
  • Newspapers
  • Wikipedia

It is important to note that Studyacer does not encourage the use of newspapers, magazines, or Wikipedia unless instructed.

Scholarly Material Used by Studyacer for Essay Homework Help

The scholarly materials used by our expert writers include:

  • Google Scholar
  • UCSB
  • Purdue
  • PubMed
  • Medline
  • Cochrane
  • Government websites, and sources like WHO, UNEP, FDA, CDC, AMA, and US Census Bureau among others.

Essay Formatting Techniques

  • Modern Language Association (MLA)
  • American Psychological Association (APA)

1)    Modern Language Association (MLA) Formatting Style

How to Write a Paper In MLA?

The Modern Language Association (MLA) Formatting Style is a style that applies to different forms of writing including research papers. The section below provides features of the MLA formatting style. It is important to note that these are a few guiding principles and not necessarily an extensive list of specific rules. The two major parts of MLA include:

  1. In-text citation
  2. Work Cited

The MLA formatting guidelines dictate that include citations for all sources that you have quoted, paraphrased, or used in completing your research paper. It is therefore mandatory to cite sources in two areas:

  • The body of the paper, as the in-text citations
  • At the end of the paper you provide a list of all sources, including important information on the sources, tagged as the ‘Work Cited.’
In-Text Citation

The MLA in-text citation follows the author-page method. The author-page method means that the researcher includes the author’s surname and the page number of the paraphrase or quotation. Additionally, the in-text citation provided in the body of the research paper should appear as one of the entries in the ‘Work Cited’ section. The author’s name may appear as part of the sentence or in a round parenthesis following the paraphrase or quotation, although the page numbers should always appear in parenthesis.


Curtis states that several factors have led to the economic and political instability witnessed in the country for the last two years (34).

There are several factors that have led to the economic and political instability witnessed in the country for the last two years (Curtis 34).

Work Listed

The important elements of the MLA Work Cited section include:

  • Author’s name.
  • “Title of the source.”
  • Title of the container,
  • Other contributors,
  • Version,
  • Number,
  • Publisher,
  • Publication date,

N.B.: Each element should be followed by the corresponding punctuation marks as indicated above.

  • For sources that are part of a larger work, it is important to include the core element 2 (Title of source). For example, in the case of essays or chapters from a book, journals, or webpages from a website.
  • For sources that are self-contained, you can exclude the core element. For example, in journals, books, and websites.

2)    American Psychological Association (APA)

The American Psychological Association (APA) updated the APA formatting style and released the 7th Edition APA Publication Manual in October 2019. This article highlights the key features of the 7Th Edition of the APA formatting styles.

How to Write a Paper in the 7th APA Formatted Edition?

Below is a guide on how to write in-text citations and reference lists.

A.   In-text Citation

The 7th Edition of the American Psychological Association (APA) is an author/date system that includes the author’s name and the year of publication in formatting all books, web documents, and journal articles.

  • In-text referencing in APA requires that you include the author(s) name(s) and year of publication as follows:

For instance: (Darwin & Singh, 2017)

  • In case use the direct quotes of an author, you need to include the page number of your direct quote in the in-text referencing.
B.    Referencing List

As a thumb rule, all items in the in-text citation should be listed at the end of the paper. The objective of the reference list entry is to include all important information that a reader may need to look for the original sources of information. The principle of writing referencing is consistency. The general requirements for writing the APA 7th Edition referencing list are as follows:

  • All references should be provided on a new page under a centered heading: References
  • Include all reference entries in alphabetic order by the surname of the author(s).
  • In case a source does not have the author’s name, list the entry under the first significant word of the title of the source
  • Ensure to indent the second and subsequent lines of all entries
  • The indent of the lines should be 5-7 spaces
  • Use double-spaced Times New Roman, font 12
  • All entries in the referencing list should include a full stop in the end unless the entry ends with a DOI or URL.
Referencing A Book

The APA 7th Edition includes the following features:

  • The names of the authors. The surname of the author(s) should be followed by the first initials
  • The publication year of the book (provided in round brackets)
  • The title of the book, written in italics
  • In case the edition is other than the first edition, include the edition in round brackets.
  • The publisher
  • The DOI (should be included in the book has a DOI)
  • All second and subsequent lines should be indented with 5-7 spaces.

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