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Here at studyacer, we ensure that we only hire highly-skilled and competent individuals. This is to help us achieve our goal of being an online academic platform that offers the best academic writing services. We are especially keen on the hiring process to ensure that we get highly-skilled personnel on board. With an educated team of academic experts, Studyacer is in a better position to offer the best academic writing services. Our key goal is to offer custom writing plagiarism-free papers.

Custom Writings PlagiarismAll our specialized academic writers ensure that every paper they produce is 100% original with no cases of plagiarism. All papers are produced based on the individual requirements of students, meaning that we write all papers from scratch. Thus, we guarantee all students that all papers by our professional writers are plagiarism-free.

Anti-Plagiarism Checkers

Here at studyacer, never compromises on the originality of academic papers. We have a zero-tolerance of plagiarism which we intend to follow later.  As a key strategy to maintain originality, we usually ensure that we run completed papers through anti-plagiarism checkers to eliminate any chances of plagiarism.

The anti-plagiarism software ensures that all produced academic papers are original and unique. The best thing about these checkers is that they run freshly completed papers against millions of previously completed papers on databases to check for plagiarism. With the anti-plagiarism tools in place, we often eliminate any unintentional and unforeseen instance of plagiarism.

Positive Reviews from Students is vastly known to produce the best academic writing services for the global community of students. We are fully aware that plagiarism is problematic in the academic world. Therefore, we have become one of the few websites that provide 100% original work. Several testimonials from our esteemed clients reveal that we always deliver papers that are free from plagiarism.

All these reviews are available to anyone who visit our page. We have made a name for ourselves by being a reliable, safe, and pocket-friendly platform that provides authentic and quality writing services. Before we submit completed papers to students, we always ensure that we scan the papers against all publicly- available web resources and our database to eliminate the chances of plagiarism.

How It Works – Custom Writings Plagiarism

The following are the simple steps you will have to follow to get an original paper from our experts:

1.     Carefully fill in the order form

To get online assignment help from us, you have to fill in the order form provided on our website. Make sure that you provide us with all the instructions so that we can provide customized solutions for you. Provide the following information in the order form:

  • Level of education (very important)
  • Number of pages
  • Instructions from the instructor
  • The type of academic assistance
  • The discipline of your papers

Also, you could attach any useful material, or references, that might help us provide first-class customized online writing services for you. Submit your order form once you are done.

2.     Complete the payment procedures

Once you have submitted the order form, our pricing system will generate an invoice indicating the price of your paper. Our pricing system provides quotations according to the academic level, the number of pages, and the urgency of the services. Once the invoice is generated, click on “Make Payment” and follow the procedure provided in the payment window. Once you complete the payment process, you will receive a notification from us that acknowledges the receipt of your payment. Hereafter, wait for a quality assignment solution from our professional academic writers.

3.     Assigning your preferred expert.

Our support system will review your order form to assign the best academic expert that suits the field of the paper. Our professional writers are experienced academic writers who are capable of providing exceptionally unique online assignment help services. The assigned writer will work diligently to provide accurate assignment solutions for all your online academic problems.

4.     Download the completed work

Once your paper is complete, we will send it directly to your personal account or email. You will receive a notification for the delivery of your work. From there, you can download and review the work.

5.     Revisions if any

Our website is open to handle unlimited revisions upon request by our students. However, we always strive toward providing papers that are close to perfect. Feel free to request revisions for completed papers that need minor changes.  We will offer our assistance whenever possible.

We take pride when we ensure that students have detailed, custom-made, and original papers developed by expert academic writers. We always ensure that we assign qualified academic writers who are highly qualified in your field of study to produce the best academic writing services. Our professional academic writers ensure that they maintain the zero-plagiarism policy.

Custom Made Papers

Here, at, we always provide original solutions to our students. Whenever you place an order, we always ensure that we assign a writer with qualifications that align with the discipline of the paper. These writers will make sure that they conduct intensive research and integrate logical reasoning to develop custom papers.

All papers are written from scratch using the instructions provided to us by the student. We never use previously completed papers to develop fresh orders. We strive to ensure that your paper reflects your understanding of the course materials too.

Nevertheless, in case you doubt the originality of our writing services on your papers, please contact us. We will kick-start an investigation to check on the doubts, and if plagiarism exists, we are keen on taking the right measures to solve the problem.

We might take measures such as offering free revisions, refunding the money, and penalizing the writer of the paper. We will ensure that we pursue our guarantee of offering the best academic writing services while maintaining the originality of the paper.

In the event you doubt the uniqueness of our papers, we request that you submit a plagiarism report to back up your claims.  We only accept and recognized plagiarism reports developed from Plagscan, Turnitin, and your institution of learning. Students should note that plagiarism reports developed from other sources will not be accepted or recognized as proof of plagiarism.

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