Steps in Writing a Research Proposal


Research proposals are a common entity in the academic world. As a student, it is always mandatory that you submit and present a research proposal. A research proposal is a formal document that usually explains what a student intends to research on in the course of the class. Research proposal should be prepared and presented before the final research paper is formulated.

It also gives the reader a perfect idea of what to expect in the research paper. By the end of the course, student must have mastered the steps of writing a research proposal. They should also be able to implementing them in their research. This would help to improve your final score and maintain your GPA. Additionally student is able to gain skills that will help them in their future career.

Steps in Writing a Research ProposalThe steps of writing a research proposal may seem daunting. Most importantly, you should get the light guidelines to help you excel. Study Acer  is an academic website that assists students in attaining their academic goals with ease. Additionally the website gives students access to highly qualified professional academic writers with expertise in writing a research proposal. Read on to find out how to write an exemplary research proposal.

What is a Research Proposal?

A research proposal is an academic document that gives insight into your planned research study. It also highlights what you are planning to research, the reasons for your research, and how you are going to conduct the investigation. Ideally, it is through the research tat

It is important to know that a research proposal provides a coherent summary of your planned research study. The research proposal demonstrates the originality of your proposed research. It also highlights the key issues or possible research questions that you intend to investigate. A good research proposal illustrates a wide scope of study areas within which your research will fall. This is with regards to the attainable information or any other recent database.

Importance of Research Proposal And Steps in Writing a Research Proposal

As a student, it is critical that you understand that a research proposal is a very important document in your academic journey.  You submit a well-written research proposal. After then, you illustrate an ability to integrate taught concepts with real-life situations. The research proposal should be strong enough to convince the supervisor that the intended study is feasible, realistic, and worthy.

It is important that you draft a research proposal that easily convinces the supervisor that the intended research study is worthwhile. A good proposal should automatically sell the research idea. If the proposal fails to convince the supervisor, then you might probably be asked to review it and resubmit. The process of reviewing a research proposal might timely and would probably delay the start of your research activities.

The following information offered during the research proposal:

·         What?

The research proposal should have a clear research topic that notifies the reader/ supervisor on the area of study. Therefor, the research topic should be unambiguous and specific to clearly articulate your research idea. Thus the research topic should always be clear about what you intend to research and the context of the research study.

·         Why?

A research proposal should always provide a justification for conducting the research study. Ensure that the research proposal justifies why the research topic is unique and original. similarly, the research topic explains the gaps in the literature, and how well the research idea can fill the present gaps in the literature. In a nutshell, the research proposal should always illustrate the value add of the research idea. It is always important that you justify why the proposed research idea is of importance to the research context.

·         How?

The research proposal should always illustrate the methodology of investigating the research idea. Ideally, the methodology should be something practical that can be visualised by your readers/instructors. Also ensure that you give details on how you plan to undertake the research. The research design as well as the logistics behind time, money, and expertise must be also be stated. The methodology should highlight the following key aspects:

  • The type of method: is it quantitative or qualitative?
  • Type of design: is it longitudinal or cross-sectional?
  • The type of data collection techniques: surveys, interviews, questionnaires, etc.?
  • How do you intend to analyze the information obtained:  quantitative or qualitative analysis?

Steps in a Writing Research Proposal

The following section proves the stepwise method on how to write a research proposal for PhD, Masters, and degree students. Steps in writing a research proposal are simple and any students may follow them, however if you find hard time in following those steps, kindly contact us for help. The structure of a research proposal should tell the format below:

1.      Choose a Study Topic

A study topic is mandatory when writing the research proposal and conducting the research. A wide study topic provides a scope within which you will find a researchable topic. Ensure that you select a study topic that you are most comfortable with. This way, you will find an easier time writing the research proposal.

2.      Identify Potential Researchable Topics

From the wide area of study, select researchable topics that you find easier to work with. After then, a good researcher is expected to identifies several researchable topics before figuring out which one they would settle on. The research proposal topics should always be within an area you are comfortable with.

3.      Narrow Down to One Topic

The first task is to outlined several researchable topics and list them down. You then narrow down your wide choices to a specific topic. This is the topic you will work on in your research proposal. If you are not able to choose a specific question you can contact StudyAcer for help.

4.      Conduct Preliminary Research

Once you decide on the research topic, you should conduct preliminary research to determine whether the research is feasible. It would be pointless to propose research that is not feasible.

5.      Prepare to Write

With all the preparations made towards writing a research proposal, you can prepare to write the research proposal. You could opt to write a scientific research proposal example before writing the final copy. The following section provides the research proposal steps that make up a good research proposal.

Components of Research Proposal

A research proposal tells a lot about the research you are planning to conduct. It also highlights all the key information on the intended study area. Additionally, it portraying your knowledge and understanding of key concepts within the study topic. Therefore, to correctly present your intended study, your research proposal should have the following research proposal format:

1.      The Title

Just like any other academic work, your research proposal should have a title. This helps to give the reader/ supervisors an idea of what the intended research is about. Also, the research topic answers the question ‘what?’ as discussed above.

2.      Abstract

The abstract of the research proposal appears in the initial stages. Its main function is to give a concise summary of what the research is about. In addition, the abstract should be approximately 100 words. The abstract should have an explanation of the central question or problem you intend to address through the research.

3.      Literature Review

A good research proposal provides a background of existing works of literature against which you will conduct the study. Furthermore, a good proposal indicates the general scope within which the intended research falls. It should also provide a summary of the existing information on the general scope as well as the gaps in the literature. A literature review illustrates how well the researcher understands the concept in the field of study and how they can utilize the concepts in real-life situations.

4.      Research Questions

The research questions usually guide the researcher towards the central aim of the investigations.  Therefore, it is always important to note down a set of questions that would be used as a guide towards the direction of achieving the objectives of the research. Sometimes you might find yourself on a research topic that has several approaches.

Therefore, to ensure that you are heading in the correct direction, it is always advisable that you formulate questions that will guide you on your study.  First, you are required to formulate two main questions that can be used to derive other secondary questions. Furthermore, the research proposal should also indicate which approach you are going to use to ensure that the questions are answered.

5.      Research Methods

The research proposal should describe the methods you intend to use for data collection. In this case, the methods should explain how you are going to conduct the investigations. For example, you could note that your research is library-based, or field-based. Thus, you will have a clear methods that will help to get the correct data.

6.      The Importance of the Research

The research proposal needs to illustrate the originality of the intended research. Furthermore, you should ensure that you state why the study is important to the context of the study. Thus, the research will give answers to the challenge that had been identified.

7.      Bibliography

The research proposal should always provide a bibliography that lists the sources used. Such bibliography should providing the information enclosed in the research proposal.

8.      Budget

In an event that you requesting funding, you are supposed to first indicate cost implications and justifications for the implications. Second, include all travel cost. Third, the cost of all materials to be used must also be included. Finally, include any necessary assistance and the time. The above research proposal structure will help you develop a research proposal that highlights all the key aspects of your research.

In conclusion, writing a research proposal is an academic assignment that is manageable with the right guidelines. StudyAcer simplifies the process by providing easy-to-follow steps in writing a research proposal. The process will help you achieve your long-term and short-term academic goals. We will guide you on Steps in writing a research proposal and ensure that you become expert in the area. kindly make your order on our order form and we will take care of your research proposal.

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