How To Write An Argumentative Essay

One needs more than just an opinion to make their voice audible, just like in the case of writing an argumentative essay. Inadequate reinforcement and structuring will make the most significant point not compelling enough without concrete reasoning and evidence.

How To Write An Argumentative EssayTherefore, it is fundamental that you learn the essential elements of an argumentative essay. For this reason, our team of experts here at Studyacer makes sure that we spend as much time online as possible to make sure that we provide you with the best solutions on how to write an argumentative essay. However, it is essential to note that the structuring of your argumentative essay entirely depends on your audience.

What Is an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is writing that takes a stance on a subject. An excellent argumentative essay entails the writer making attempts to persuade their readers to comprehend and support their perspective on an issue. They do this by elaborating their reasoning and giving concrete evidence to back up their claims. Also, it is vital to note that argumentative essays are common in high schools and colleges.

How Do You Start an Argument?

How you start your argument is vital in an argumentative essay. That is why Studyacer experts commit to providing students with reliable argumentative essay help all the time at affordable rates.

For this reason, Study Acer presents to you these three steps on how to write a relevant thesis statement.

  • First, it is essential to note that your thesis statement should be one sentence and precise. The thesis statement is the most significant part of your entire argumentative essay.
  • Secondly, the thesis statement must appear in your introductory paragraph, having a summary of what your argumentative essay is all about as it prepares the readers for what is yet to come.

Therefore, the following steps will help you put across your points concisely and clearly as you start your argumentative essay.

  1. Make the topic a question and provide an answer.
  2. State and then refute an argument.
  3. Briefly state your key points.

How To Write a Good Argumentative Essay?

Students need to learn and understand how to write an argumentative essay step by step. For this reason, [brand] experts have the following four steps you can use to have a comprehensive outline for your argumentative essay.

First, you should note that argumentative essays should have a structure that is straightforward to help the readers follow. The key objective of an argumentative essay is to outline a perspective, reasoning, and evidence. Thus, a good and comprehensive argumentative essay should have the following structure:

  1. An elaborate introductory paragraph
  2. A concise thesis statements
  3. The body paragraphs
  4. A conclusion

ü  An Introductory Paragraph

An introductory paragraph is the first paragraph of your essay, and it should outline your topic. Additionally, the preceding paragraph should entail background information relevant to make your argument clear and easy to understand. Lastly, showcase the evidence you will present and state the thesis statement.

ü  Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is a section of your first paragraph. It is a one-sentence, precise summary of your crucial paint and argument.

ü  The Body Paragraphs

Generally, a basic argumentative essay has three or more paragraphs. These paragraphs elaborate and provide explanations for why you support your thesis. It is advisable to make sure that each section presents a sole idea and substantial evidence. Most importantly, the paragraphs should have a topic sentence that concisely and elaborate on why the readers should agree with your perspective.

It is in the body paragraphs where you back your claims up using statistics, research, examples, text citations, and studies. Address all the opposing points you have ready and provide elaborate explanations of why you disagree with them simultaneously. It is good to remember that facts presentation and topic consideration from every point of view makes your essay more credible and help you gain the trust of your readers.

ü  A Conclusion

Your conclusion should be one paragraph that reinforces the thesis statement and should summarize all your claims in the body paragraphs. Besides adding more arguments or introducing new facts, a good and well-written conclusion should appeal to the emotions of the readers. Sometimes, writers use personal anecdotes to explain how the topic impacts them on a personal level.

Argumentative Essays Topics

Topics on Technology

  1. Will we ever stop using social media willingly?
  2. Can humanity develop without the internet?
  3. What are the drawbacks of reading eBooks?
  4. Should there be restrictions on the contents on the internet?
  5. Will electronic paper substitute paperwork?
  6. Does constant connection to social media make people more stressed and lonelier?
  7. Do technologies easing house chores such as the robotic vacuum cleaner make people idle?
  8. Is humanity too dependent on computers?
  9. What are the challenges of online dating applications such as Tinder?
  10. What is the impact of social media fame on young adults?
  11. Will artificial intelligence creation facilitate the extinction of humans?
  12. What are the dangers of using cell phones?
  13. Can we consider superfluous use of the internet an addiction?
  14. What is the effect of technology on the ability of people to be creative?
  15. Who should be held accountable for the abusive language in the comment section, such as comments on social media posts, blogs, and videos on the web?

Topics on the Society

  1. Are feminist women too harsh on women who do not support the movement?
  2. Is a highly competitive environment suitable for working or studying?
  3. How true is it that life Before Christ was more comfortable?
  4. Is firing a suitable punishment for cyberbullying?
  5. Should there be a grace period for accepting minority groups?
  6. What are culture shock and its impact on how we perceive the culture of other people?
  7. Should there be special privileges for working mothers?
  8. What are the challenges of democracy?
  9. What is the effectiveness of the death penalty?
  10. Can illegalizing tobacco prevent smoking?
  11. Can you consider girls in their friendships?
  12. How effective are competitions?
  13. Is it a good idea to buy a lottery ticket?
  14. Do you think religion is a cause of war?
  15. Is fashion relevant?

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