How To Use InQuizitive Answers

How To Use InQuizitive Answers

According to an article by Psychology Today, gaming offers loads of benefits. These perks include keeping your mind active, enhancing your problem-solving skills, and improving your memory. Besides, the rewards you get during a game keep your adrenaline high. What if you could gain so much more academically through a game-like study tool?

Let us introduce you to InQuizitive, a learning tool that uses game-like principles to help college students learn through play. The tool offers personalized quizzes that enable you to learn new information, retain concepts, and prepare before lectures.

What is InQuizitive?

InQuizitive is an award-winning online learning tool from W.W Norton, a leader in the academic material publishing sector. The tool is formative, adaptive, and game-like, making it a successful mode of out-of-class learning. Both lecturers and students benefit from InQuizitive in different capacities. For teachers, it’s the perfect tool to gauge students’ performance and determine what topics need more attention. The teacher can see the performance of the whole class and that of individual students.

These analytics help teachers customize their lectures accordingly to improve on the parts with the highest level of difficulty score. For Students, InQuizitive is this cool game that can help them learn new topics, retain hard concepts, and prepare before a lecture. Being an online platform, you can access the tool on your tablet, computer, or mobile phone. The versatility lets you access your assignments from wherever, whether on the evening commute from school, in the library, or when passing time at home.

How To Use InQuizitive

Are you new to InQuizitve? The study tool might be challenging to beginners, but with a little guidance, you’ll be good to go. Below, we discuss the InQuizitive login process, features, and functions.

InQuizitive Login Process

There are three ways to access InQuzitive. These include:

  • When you purchase select Norton textbooks, you get a code to access the study tool
  • Purchase a subscription online
  • A free trial that lets you log in to the platform for three weeks

If your college has purchased access to InQuizitive, the instructor will give you a student ID to access the Student Set. Different instructors have different student sets. Also, for the covered assignments to reflect on your account and be awarded to your school grade, you must join the right Student Set. Here’s the InQuizitive login process to access the Student Set:

  1. On the InQuizitive dashboard, navigate to the top right corner and select the account icon.
  2. Click Add Yourself To A Student Set on the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter the Student ID provided by your instructor.

That’s all. You are now registered in that Student Set and can start working on assignments.

InQuizitive Key Features For Learning

How does InQuizitive work? As we pointed out earlier, InQuizitive is a game-like learning tool. You gain some points for answering a question correctly and lose some for answering incorrectly. But that is not all. Here are the key features of the InQuizitive learning tool:


As the name suggests, InQuizitive is based on quizzes. The tool presents questions on various topics for you to answer. These questions can be on any college major or course, from psychology, history, and nursing to economics. The range of questions include:

  • True or false quizzes
  • Multiple choice quizzes


For every question you answer, there is a reward. If you answer correctly, you earn some points. You also lose points for getting the answers wrong. But there is a catch. If you think a question is easy and are sure of the answer, you can adjust the confidence level to earn more points. Getting the right answer at a high confidence level earns you more points and vice versa.

Similarly, if a topic is challenging and you aren’t sure of the answer, you can lower your confidence level. Falling such a question will have you losing fewer points than when the confidence level is higher and vice versa. Additionally, if you’re not sure about a question, you can access reference materials like an ebook.


Just like in mainstream games, there are levels on InQuizitive. You are elevated to Level 2 or 3 when you reach a certain score. The higher the level, the harder the questions. This is a good reward system to keep you yearning for more points and learning tough topics in the process.


Your instructor will use the grades you get on InQuizitive to grade your performance in class. To qualify for this grading, you must answer at least 10 quizzes on the platform. The score is calculated based on the overall points, usually 800. It’s possible to get a 100% score if you answer all the questions and get all the points.

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Can I skip questions on InQuizitive?

Unfortunately, you can’t skip questions on InQuizitive. The learning tool maintains this is for your own good because failure is key to success when you identify the mistake and make changes.

Can I Pay someone to do my InQuizitive questions?

Yes, if you’re stuck on your InQuizitive assignment, our tutors can help you at a fee. Our answers are fast, correct, and reliable.

Is InQuizitive a good resource to learn more effectively?

Absolutely. The tool employs game-like features to enhance your knowledge and retain concepts. Each answered question has feedback to explain why an answer is right or wrong. It also pushes you to learn challenging topics because there is no option to skip or give up on a question.

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