InQuizitive Answers

InQuizitive answers are also known as open-ended questions or informative questions. These are the questions people ask when looking for precise information. Besides the information you are seeking, InQuizitive answers help individuals organize and articulate their thoughts, and thus, they feel more comfortable and confident in themselves. Incase there is something that stands out to them, InQuizitive questions provide room for them to provide elaborate explanations since you may never get the whole story.

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What is InQuizitive Quiz?

InQuizitive is a quizzing tool that combines different types of interactive questions with game-like elements to involve students. Usually, instructors assign InQuizitive activities to make sure that students are well prepared for the class as homework.

Additionally, InQuizitive is a formative and adaptive learning tool that enhances the understanding of students on the various objectives of learning. In this case, students receive quizzes based on how they comprehend the content, and the designed engaging and game-like tools ensure that the students stay motivated as they learn.

How Adaptive is InQuizitive

InQuizitive is designed to ensure that students engaged throughout the learning process and look forward to questions and more learning and understanding of content. Therefore, the following are three ways in which InQuizitive is adaptive:

  1. Students who are struggling get to have easier questions, also, the students get harder questions when they are showing signs of comprehension of content. However, it is vital to note that, as a student, you will only receive harder questions when you show that you are ready for them. remember, this is a learning process and the key is understanding the content.
  2. Students get more questions on the learning areas that they are struggling with. The InQuizitive tool is designed to help students. Thus, the main focus is to reduce weaknesses areas and ensure you to do neglect your strength. For this reason, students will get more questions on the sections that is more challenging to them to the point that they show that understanding the content.
  3. Students get the assistance they need whenever they need it. Students who have completed reading their assigned reading and have shown comprehension of the material will get the chance to complete an InQuizitive activity faster that those who require help with the available content.

Gaming features in InQuizitive

The following are some of the gaming features in InQuizitive

ü  Levels

Students get the chance to progress through level 1, 2, and 3. The interesting bit is that there is a reward screen after the completion of each level. As a result, students strive to complete to get rewards as a motivation feature.

ü  Bonus Points

Foe every five questions that a student correctly answers in a raw, they are awarded bonus points, a s a result, students are more motivated to attain the target score.

ü  Confidence Slider

This feature is designed to ensure that each student enhance their level of confidence to earn more points on every question.

ü  Visual Design

The tool has a user-friendly visual design. Moreover, there are help buttons, Quizmo, our little alien friend, that provide guidance as students carry on with the activities.

ü  Bonus Questions

The tool is designed to offer bonus questions to students when they seem to be struggling. This is given to the fact that additional questions motivate students to attain higher scores wile enhancing their comprehension of the content.

ü  Sound Effects

This feature can be turned off anytime one wishes to. The feature allows students to receive auditory feedback for every action they take as well as soft background music as they are answering the questions.

ü  Take A Break

It is critical to note that students have the capacity to take a break at any time they need one. This feature is vital since it is critical to understand that the learning process should be fun and flexible.

What are The Specifics of InQuizitive?

  • In level 1, students get the chance to explore the content as the learning tool gathers information on the areas there the students need polishing.
  • In level 2, students will receive personalized questions based on the areas they have difficulty. Students who are performing very well receive more difficult questions, on the other hand, any student who is struggling will receive less difficult questions and will have more questions to answer before they progress to the next level.
  • In level 3, in this level, students get quizzes personalized by the various learning objectives as well as the level of difficulty. Students who are struggling with the first learning objective will receive more questions on the first learning objective compared to the students who are doing well on the first learning objective bust are struggling to attain the second learning objective.

Additionally, the system data on the level of difficulty changes based on national student performance on each question and the update if done daily.

Can You Use InQuizitive for Self-study?

The answer is YES. A student can use the various InQuizitive activities even without being assigned to them. Nevertheless, most students will not try using the tool unless it is assigned to them and it makes part of their grade. Therefore, assigning the various activities is vital to making the tools pedagogically effective.

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