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It is always known that submitting a well-written academic essay on time will give a student an upper hand in scoring better. Our qualified writers are able to do everything for you. Among what they can do include, selecting a topic for you and carrying out the preliminary research. We also edit your research paper and proofread your final draft. At Studyacer we offer academic credentials and versatile experience for our writing experts. Thus be assured that you will be amazed by our skills.

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What is a custom college essay?

A custom college essay is one of the requirements for the college application for admission. For a student to be admitted to any college, they are expected to write a custom college essay that will prove their suitability to join the institution. Most of the students may lack the skills to write a quality custom college essay. Thus they may never have a chance to join the college of their choice. A good custom college essay is proof that you deserve an opportunity to join your respective college. Some of the features to find in a custom college essay include

  • A deep insight into you your personality, for instance, what are your goals and personal interests
  • How will the addition to the college help you advance your skills as well as impact society?
  • How will education and skills gained in school impact your goals and future life?
  • What is the main reason that inspired you to apply to that particular college?
  • The details of your life which are relevant to the course you want to take
  • What are the descriptive and extraordinary skills in writing that make your custom college essay more attractive?

What to write about in a custom college essay

A custom college essay should be what is in your mind. When writing, you just need to express your feelings. The essay should contain your thoughts and feelings. This is because, the college usually looks for your values, interests, and your performance. In the custom college essay, some of the aspects that you can include are;

  • Your future goals and commitments
  • Fears of your life
  • Failures that you have experienced
  • What are the challenges you have faced and expect to face
  • Explain your memorable activities and your achievement in the past.

Some of the things not to include in your custom college essay

There are some write up that you may include in your custom college essay which will automatically be rejected by the college to study in some of those include;

  • Never include any member of your family or a friend who is important to you
  • Don’t include any illicit behavior or tragedies
  • Self-expression is not acceptable
  • Do not include any form of trips and volunteer experiences.
  • There should be no humor or any sensitive topic
  • Do not include a summary of what you have managed to accomplish.

Some of the tips that can help you to write a strong essay

When writing a college application essay, the following are some of the tips to consider

  • Always reinforce your interest in the college that you wish to join.
  • Avoid generic and broad statements
  • Know the faculty you wish to join and ensure that you have mentioned it in your essay
  • Be specific as you write your goals, experiences, and background
  • Have a well-planned comprehensive essay outline
  • Ensure that your points are well organized and written in a systematic way
  • Carry out research that is detailed and conclusive.

With those tips, you can be sure that you will impress the panel that is mandated to check your custom college essay and offer you a chance to join the school. In case you cannot include all those in your essay, or you feel like this is too much for you to do. At Studyacer will help you write a college essay that will be acceptable to any college. We will ensure that you join the college of your dream.

  • How to write a custom college essay
  • The following is a step-by-step on how to write a custom college essay;
  • A good plan and organize

A proper and well-detailed plan is needed to come up with a proper essay. Thus you need willpower, patience, dedication, research, and time. Even though writing a quality essay takes time, our writers are trained to take the shortest time possible. For our writers to deliver quality work, you need to provide us with the following. Inform us of what you want to be included in your custom college essay and your personal details. With that information, we will provide you with a quality essay.

Brainstorming the ideas

In any writing, brainstorming is the most crucial. You need to think of ideas that you will portray in your writing. Thus you need to read various sample college essays and you will have an idea of what you will need to include in your custom college essay. Nevertheless, the most important activity to carry out is to come up with a proper essay topic. The topic you chose should reflect your personality. The following are some of the ways you may come up with a proper college essay

Reading and going through the essay prompts

Essay prompts and samples help the writer to remain relevant to the course. Through reading, you can come up with a good topic. One of the responsibilities assigned to our writers is to keep reading. Thus they never go short of ideas.

Talk about yourself

The selection committee always wishes to meet you before they actually see you. The essay you present to them is the one that helps them to know you even before you present yourself. When you give to write about yourself, then they get to understand who you are. However, never make the writing so personal. The essay should focus on you. Sometimes describing yourself may be hard. Thus, our expert writers can help to describe you in a positive way that impresses the committee. Our writers ensure that they think and feel as if you are the one who is writing. Thus, the essay will be more focused and specific.

Peeling light on the life event and experiences

The main objective of the custom college essay is to write about your past life events. After then, you evaluate them and then state what you learn from those experiences. Information such as that of your family should never be included in the essay. The committee wishes to know how you have been taught by life through your experience. Also, they need to know the changes you have made to deal with the problems you have encountered. You can also include your expectation in your life. In addition, include how the experience you have gained helped you to change the way you think. At  Studyacer we make sure that all those details are included in your essay.

Choosing the prompt for the College Essay

After coming up with different topics, it is now time to settle on one topic that you will write about. It is always important to go through all the topics you listed before making the final decision. After going through all the topics, you will choose one that is close to the prompt. Some of the things to consider before you select your topic;

  • Has the topic in your essay addressed the requirement of the application?
  • Do you have enough ways to explain yourself? The topic must be able to explain your skills better.
  • Is the topic broad? The topic should be specific and direct to the point
  • Does the topic make your personality unique? The topic should make you look unique so that you may attract the attention of the committee.
  • Does the topic matter? The topic must be worthwhile in your life.

Plan the presentation of your essay

The next plan after topic selection is to get what to include in your essay. The structure of how the essay will look should now be considered. Some of the most common ways to structure your essay includes.

First, write down the main point of your essay. This could be a life event or any other experience you have gone through. Do not forget your main focus and ensure that the essay revolves around your main focus. From there understand the personal traits that you will include in your custom college essay. The traits must be in line with the course you are applying for. They should also be in line with the prompt theme. You can discuss how those traits have helped you and how will they continue to help you in your class. The introduction of your essay should be interesting. A way in which you will attract the selection committee. We always encourage students to start the story from the middle as the initial details may be boring.

Writing a custom college essay

The next phase after planning is to write your essay. Remember that there is a deadline for the submission of the college essay. Remember there is a college application free ad if you do submit your essay on time you may end up losing your money. With this information, in case you feel as if this is too much pressure, you can let us write your custom college essay to avoid being kicked out. Your college essay should contain the following; Introduction, thesis statement, three body paragraphs, and conclusion. In our company, we will give an outline before we start the actual writing.

Revise your essay

After you have completed writing your custom college essay, it is always important to go through it and look for someone else to go through it. Proofreading the essay helps to remove all mistakes that could be in the essay. In our company, there is a team of editors who will go through your custom college essay before we submit it to you. The editing takes place after the writer has submitted the custom collage essay. The editors are well trained and they ensure the instructions are all followed, and the essay is to the required standard. They also ensure that your essay is flawless and exceptionally good. The editors also make sure that all forms of citation, vocabulary, punctuation, and grammar are correct in the essay. This ensures that the paper can be of high quality. Thus the paper is original and ready for submission to the selection committee.

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