How To Write an Informative Essay

An informative essay is an essay that comprehensively explains a topic. Informative essays can come in different forms. In some cases, you could be asked to analyze data, explain how a system works, compare two or more subjects, summarize an event, or provide a step-by-step process. Generally, an informative essay provides answers to five Ws: what, who, when, why, and where. Additionally, there are instances when you will answer stating how to conduct an activity or how to do something.

Unlike reflective essays, reaction essays, or narrative essays, informative essays are objective. Informative essays do not express the opinion or beliefs of the writer, instead, they should get factual information.

What Is the Structure of An Informative Essay

An informative essay has a basic structure that entails the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

ü  The Introduction

This is the first part of your informative essay, the introduction. The introduction contains the thesis statement. This is the precise summary of the focus of the entire essay and it is a sentence that states what the essay will be about. It is in the introduction that you strive to grab the attention of the readers. Therefore, the thesis statement must be short and precise.

Depending on the nature of the paper, circumstances, or requirements, an introduction can be a paragraph or a page. Thus, you should use this chance to introduce to the readers the main idea, provide elaborate definitions of the keywords, and provide a brief description of what you will talk about in the essay. Most importantly, make sure that the introduction clearly states what the readers are yet to explore.

ü  The Body

The body contains the bulk of the content. It is in this section that you present all the relevant details, statistics, and facts to support the thesis statement. If you are writing an informative essay that takes the readers through a process, make sure that the body paragraphs elaborately explain the processes, from the beginning to the end. It is vital to make sure that every paragraph explains a single concept.

All the explanations you provide in the body paragraphs should be geared towards supporting the thesis statement. Always keep in mind that in as much as you could be having several ideas, the informative essay has a purpose and all the explanations should provide the readers with relevant information.

Additionally, ensure that the points have a flow. Let the readers know that you understand what you are talking about. When this happens, they will take the essay seriously and rely on the information you provide them with. Conduct enough research and support all your claims with relevant sources and quotes. The last thing you want as a writer is to make the readers doubt what you are talking about.

ü  The Conclusion

The conclusion is the end of the essay and it provides you with the chance to summarize your key points. The objective at this point is to have the reader more interested in finding out more about the topic. Make sure that you reiterate the thesis statement. Restating the thesis statement does not require you to use the exact words you used in the introduction. However, you should remind the readers of the primary focus of the essay

How To Write an Informative Essay

The following are important steps for writing an informative essay

ü  Select A Suitable Topic

There are cases where the topic will not be provided and you need to come up with a suitable topic. This is your chance to show how well you understand a concept. Make sure that you select a topic that interests you. By so doing, you will be able to enjoy the research process. Do not select a topic that gets you bored. Remember that this is an informative essay and therefore, you need to get the facts right. Have a topic that will give you room to brainstorm and enjoy the writing process.

ü  Research

Always keep in mind the audience. Make sure that you conduct adequate research and use language that best fits your audience. During research, use credible sources and make sure that you take note of all the pages, sites, quotes, and any available literature material that will support your arguments. Do not spend too much time doing research. Keep in mind the timelines.

ü  Write An Outline

After you finish research and document all the sources, the next critical step is to come up with the outline of the essay. The outline is like a sketch and it serves as a guide during the writing process. Highlight the key findings and points you will discuss in every paragraph.

ü  Write

At this point, you should have the final picture of the essay. Ensure that you capture all the key points. Make sure that the ideas you captured during research and while drafting the outline are all noted. Insert the references in the right place. Make sure that the tone is informative, and objective.

ü  Editing And Proofreading

During editing, ensure that the sources you use are effective and support the points you presented. Also, ensure that the ideas flow and every paragraph bears an independent idea and is clearly explained. On the other hand, as you proofread the work, ensure that it is free from grammatical or spelling mistakes. Additionally, it is vital to double-check that the facts you presented are well-cited to make sure that they are accurate.

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